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Chef‘s Table Menu

Chef‘s Table Menu

Traditional sushi



DOX “Caesar Salad“
Romaine lettuce with creamy Caesar-dressing, grated “Parmigiano Reggiano” parmesan, crispy bacon and croûtons – the favourite DOX salad
12 €

Crunchy edamame with Japanese sea salt
5 €

Ceviche from Hamachi and Label Rouge salmon
Refreshing yuzu marinade with pickled takuan and scallions
21 €

Japanese octopus carpaccio
Sprinkled with sesame oil, chilli and seaweed
19 €

Fine de Claire oysters
Dark Chester bread with classical shallot vinaigrette and juily lemon
4 € per piece

Prunier Sturgeon caviar 10g of caviar house “Troisdorf”
Roasted white bread with fresh chive cream and ice cold Grey Goose vodka
42 €

Shrimp cocktail from Sylt
Foam of spinach with cucumber-tagliatelle, crispy chip of fennel and “Granny Smith” apple-emulsion
20 €

Beef fillet tartare of lokal meadow beef
Cress salad with Crème Fraîche and roasted traditional bread of bakery “Merzenich”
19 €
Optional with fresh truffle
29 €
Optional with Sturgeon of caviar house “Troisdorf”
55 €



Sundried tomato soup
Creamy buffalo mozzarella with warm tomatoes and roasted dark bread of bakery Merzenich
9 €

Spicy miso soup
Soy bean soup with soft cubes of tofu and Japanese wakame algae
8 €
Optional with Label Rouge salmon
12 €

Lobster bisque of Breton lobster
Roasted prawns with fruity mango and fresh tarragon
16 €

Oxtail essence with XO Cognac
Soft bone marrow with salty capers, homemade “Gremolata”, pickled pearl onion and seasonal root vegetable
10 €





Marinated tofu in almond milk
Variation of soy, root of parsley, crunchy radish and puffed amaranth
20 €

Filleted gilthead “Royal” in salt dough 400g for two persons
Young vegetables, mashed potatoes with black truffle and fresh lemon
34 € per person

Chateaubriand of German meadow beef 500g for two persons
(preparation time 30 minutes)
Cassoulet of beans with strong potato Reblochon-cheese gratin, Sauce Bérnaise and fruity port wine jus
48 € per person

Mustard roast from Dusseldorf „DOX Style“
German beef fillet with cooked parsnip, ox cheek, spicy ABB mustard and espuma of roasted potatoes
40 €

Rhenish marinated roasted beef with vinegar and herbs
White polenta with thyme, smorred red cabbage, sundried rasins and fruity cabbage of apple
32 €


From the beechoven

At 500°C (932°F) our noble selection of meat and fish is being prepared above direct fire and therefore obtain an exclusive, smoky taste.

Whole sole “Müllerin Art” 400g
37 €

Catch of the day
We are pleased to recommend you the fish of the day
28 €

Roasted black-feathered chicken breast 160g
27 €

Fillet of German beef 200g
36 €

US prime beef flank steak 250g
34 €

Marbled grass-fed strip-loin steak 350g
44 €



Chocolate mousse bar
Chopped hazelnut with Italian profiteroles and fruity mango sorbet
12 €

Homemade carrot cake
Carrot with cream cheese and sour cream ice
12 €

Chocolate ball DOX
Lokal rhubarb with raspberry, lemon cream and refreshing woodruff sorbet
12 €

Crème Brûlée
Strawberry with sweetend asparagus and green pepper
12 €

Sweet marinated fruits
Fruit cuts with sweet marinade
12 €

4 kinds of sorbet
12 €

Side dishes

Fresh herb salad with croûtons
6 €

Sautéed beans with tomatoes
6 €

Tossed oven vegetables
6 €

Young spinach with pine nuts
6 €

Asian wok vegetables with coriander
6 €

Cooked cauliflower with brown butter
8 €

Grilled Porcini mushrooms
9 €

Creamy mashed potatoes with butter
6 €
optional with fresh truffle
9 €

Rosemary potatoes from beechoven
6 €

Smoked French fries
6 €

Sweet potato fries
6 €

Strong potato gratin, bacon and red cheese
9 €


4 €

Herb butter, Sauce Hollandaise, Sauce Béarnaise, Truffle mayonnaise, DOX truffle jus, Green pepper jus, Veal jus



Selection from our cheese:

3 kinds of international cheeses with fruit bread
11 €

5 kinds of international cheeses with fruit bread
15  €



Brillat-Savarin with truffle
Soft cow milk cheese with black truffle and flower crust
4 €

Fontina from Aostatal
In a clammy cliff cellar ripened aromatic hard cheese
4 €

Fourme d’Ambert fermier
Slightly spicy blue cheese of cow’s milk
4 €



Cathare de St. Felix fermier
Slightly spicy cheese from a Pyrenees monastery
4 €

St. Maure Fermier
Soft cheese made from goat’s milk covered in natural ash
4 €