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Dox Lunch Dinner Daily Menu

Chef‘s Table Menu

The Chef’s Table is an interactive experience and promises a relaxed and extraordinary atmosphere at the same time. The large marble table, with a length of six meters, is directly in front of the open show kitchen of DOX restaurant and offers two views. One is of the restaurant and MediaHarbour, and the other is the nimble hands of the kitchen’s artists.

Traditional, fresh Ceviche

A new specialty of the DOX Restaurant is the traditionally prepared Ceviche. The typical traditional Peruvian dish captivates with its lightness and refreshes with fine tart notes. A culinary journey for the palate.

Monday - Sunday 06:30pm to 10:30pm



Crispy meadow herb salad 🌱
Dried blue grapes, Belper cheese, herbal yoghurt dressing 18 €

DOX crab cake
Avocado, yuzu cream, shiso salad 21 €

German beef tatar
Smoked paprika cream, wax egg, baked capers 21 €
Optionally with 10g “Prunier sturgeon caviar” 60 €

Fresh rock oysters
Shallot vinaigrette, lemon
€ 4.50 per piece

Lobster foam soup
Redtail shrimp, mango chili chutney, tarragon 23 €

Marinated artichoke 🌱

Asparagus, goat cheese foam, vegetable chips 19 €

Yellowtail mackerel or scallop
Marinated with lime juice
Passion fruit, red onions, coriander 21 €



DOX chocolate ball 
Valrhona Caramélia, raspberry sorbet, peanut caramel, chocolate sauce 15 €

Crème brulée 
Lemon-ginger cream, strawberry rhubarb sorbet, rhubarb, pink pepper 13 €

Vegan “Choco Coco”
Coconut panna cotta, cocoa sorbet, lime mint jelly 13 €

DOX assorted fruits
Sorbet, berries, vanilla brew 12 €

3 pieces of cheese from “Affineur Waltmann”
Camembert de Normandie, Tomme de Savoie, St. Maure matured in ashes 15 €

Café Gourmand

The hip dessert from Paris:

A selection of mini-desserts accompanied by your choice of hot beverage 13 €


Main courses

Fresh linguine 🌱
Winter truffle, parmesan, pine nuts 26 €

Creamy wild garlic risotto 🌱
King oyster mushrooms, parmesan crunch, pink pepper 25 €

Baked “Wiener Schnitzel”
Crispy fried potatoes, bacon, fresh side salad 32 €

Pink roasted fillet of suckling veal
Young aubergines, morels, confit potatoes 38 €

Sea bream fillet
Fregola di sarda, young peas, red chard 34 €

500 grams for two people
(Preparation time 30 minutes)
Truffle puree, bean cassoulet, béarnaise sauce
55 € per person


DOX Snacks

Classic “lettuce hearts“
Homemade Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, crispy smoked bacon 14 €
Choice of chicken breast 20 €
or Argentinean red shrimps 24 € or grilled pulpo 24 €

Vegan DOX bowl 🌱
Marinated lentils, corn, baked falafel balls, mint yogurt 17 €

Currywurst “Hafenspitze“
Local “Schlösser” sausage, Madras curry, smoked French fries 13 €

Club sandwich
Chicken Breast, fried egg, bacon, French fries 19 €

“Düsseldorf” beef burger
Caramelized onions, mustard mayonnaise, freshly oven baked brioche bread 19 €

Vegan “Beyond” burger 🌱
Avocado cream, braised onions, cauliflower wings 18 €

Grill Menu – from the beechoven

German beef fillet, 200g   45 €
Flank steak from US beef, 250g   36 €
Veal loin matured on the bone, 400g   42 €
Marbled striploin, 350g   47 €
“Paderborner” corn poulard, 200g   29 €
Fresh pulpo from the grill, 180g   28 €
Catch of the day   31 €

Truffle ham from the butcher´s shop Schlösser   13 €


Side dishes

Young potatoes, chive butter 7 € 🌱
Oven vegetables, fresh watercress 7 € 🌱
Pimientos de Padrón 7 € 🌱
Baby spinach, pine nuts 7 € 🌱
Mashed potatoes 7 € 🌱
Truffle mashed potatoes 9 € 🌱
Sweet potato fries 7 € 🌱
Smoked French fries 7 € 🌱
Meadow herb salad, balsamic dressing 7 € 🌱

Walbecker Asparagus 12 € 🌱


DOX truffle jus 6 €

Port wine jus, green pepper jus, truffle mayonnaise, Sauce Béarnaise, Café de Paris butter, Sauce Hollandaise each 4 €