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Chef‘s Table Menu

Chef‘s Table Menu

Traditional sushi


Monday - Sunday: 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
All prices are in Euro including government taxes and service charges.



Mild marinated trout from fjord
Chickpea cream, pomegranate, salted almond 18 €

Creamy burrata from local “Eifelhof“
Marinated ox-heart tomato, almond pesto, olives 18 €

Fried beef tatar
Truffled cream, garden cress, egg 19 €

Spicy Gazpacho
Argentine red shrimp, sweet pepper cream, garlic 19 €


Dessert – Cheese

Chocolate Ball DOX in Black Forest style
Vanilla chantilly, mudcake, cherry sorbet 12 €

Crème Brûlée
Pistachio crumble, apricot-saffron-sorbet 11 €

Hugo in glass
Champagne-elderflower-mousse, meringue, mint sorbet 11 €

Cheese Selection “Affineur Waltmann”
Dark bread, fig mustard 14 €


Mustard roast from Dusseldorf
German beef fillet, red wine onions, radish, mashed potatoes with ABB mustard 43 €

Sole “Müllerin Style“
Seared baby spinach, pine nuts, creamy mashed potatoes 43 €

Fresh catch of the day
Quinoa-risotto, avocado, sauce hollandaise 32 €

Filled gnocchi
Fried chanterelles, cress, goat quark from the neighborhood  23 €


From the Beechoven

At 500°C (932°F) our noble selection of meat and fish is being prepared above direct fire and therefore obtain an exclusive, smoky taste.

German beef fillet 200g
39 €

US prime beef flank steak 250g
35 €

Marbled strip loin 350g
47 €

Marinated pulpo 180g
28 €

Black feather chicken 180g
27 €


Side dishes

Oven vegetables, fresh watercress 
6 €

Fresh baby spinach, pine nuts
6 €

Fried chanterelles
9 €

Mashed potatoes
6 €
add truffle + 3 €

Smoked French fries
6 €

Herb salad, balsamic dressing
6 €