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Chef‘s Table Menu

Chef‘s Table Menü

DOX Chef's Table Menu

Each guest can taste a variety of dishes from the current DOX menu.
All dishes are served in big bowls and plates in the middle of the long table.
Reservations are required up to 24 hours in advance, for a minimum of 6 persons.


Meadow herb salad
Belper cheese, dried blue grapes

Asparagus, goat cheese espuma

German beef tatar
Baked capers, smoked paprika cream

DOX Ceviche from the yellowtail mackerel
Red onions, coriander


Flank steak from the Beechoven
Beans, watercress

Wild garlic risotto
King oyster mushrooms, pink pepper

Game fish variation
Fregola di sarda, young peas

Oven baked vegetables
Smoked fries
Baby spinach

Béarnaise Sauce
Port wine jus
Truffle mayonnaise


Chocolate variation
DOX assorted fruits
Crème Brûlée

Price per person 79€