The Chef de Cuisine

A chef, often referred to as a head chef, is an individual who stands out not only for their culinary skills, but also for their leadership qualities in the kitchen. This role requires a deep passion for food, a comprehensive understanding of ingredients and techniques, and the ability to inspire and coordinate a team of chefs. The ideal chef is someone who not only creates recipes, but also creates taste experiences that take guests on a journey of the senses.

Our Chef de Cuisine Ko Kawatsura

My name is Ko Kawatsura and together with my team we will do our best to enchant you into a world of pleasure.

Culinary delights have accompanied me all my life through my family, who are gastronomy enthusiasts. At the age of 15, after a visit to a Michelin-starred restaurant, I knew that cooking was my calling. I am truly fascinated by creating something great with different products that harmonize with each other.

After my apprenticeship in July 2018, I worked as a Commis de Cuisine at the Grand Hyatt Berlin. In September 2018, my path led me to the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where I was able to gain almost 4 years of experience. In addition, thanks to various promotions, international chefs from Chef Sergio Hermann or the Contra from New York, I was able to acquire extensive knowledge of international cuisine.

Another notable event was the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. They allowed me to participate in the Olympic Project of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, where we were able to launch the project together with the other chefs of the Hyatt family.

In 2022, I became part of the Hyatt family at the MediaHarbour in Dusseldorf and now lead the kitchen team of the DOX Restaurant as "Chef de Cuisine".

Recommendation from the Chef de Cuisine

My culinary recommendation at DOX Restaurant: filleted sea bream royal baked in salt dough. The beauty of this is that the gilthead becomes juicier and retains its own aroma thanks to the salt coating. With delicious side dishes such as: green asparagus, fried with chili & garlic, potato gratin and homemade Béarnaise sauce, it is a taste experience for me.

A perfect wine recommendation from our sommelier perfects this moment of pleasure for an unforgettable evening.

My team and I look forward to your visit.